An entire agency as an external digital marketing department
for your company

We accompany you with our expertise in digital marketing. This will make your company more accessible to your target groups in the long term.

Holistic approach

Data-based decisions

Transparent work

Your advantages when working with Partner & Sons

With a holistic approach and our multidisciplinary expertise, we can guarantee that all steps are perfectly coordinated to give you an optimal digital presence. As a well-coordinated team, the coordination paths are short with us: This saves complications and facilitates consultation for the optimization of individual measures.

Partner & Sons

Ten experts at three locations who can implement all your digital communications to the highest quality.

Separation of project management and operational work

Well-established team with proven processes & workflows

Expertise in all relevant areas of digital communication

Project continues even if the project manager is ill

No downtime due to vacation

No employer costs

License costs included

Incl. hosting and Google Workspace administration

Employee:r Employee:in

A full time worker who seeks to serve all disciplines of digital communications.

Employee:in must manage projects and implement them at the same time

Processes must be developed and tested

Focus mostly only in 1-2 areas of digital communication

Project comes to a complete standstill during illness

At least 20 days vacation per year

Social security contributions and taxes

Expensive individual licenses necessary

Technical issues mostly with further third party

What our customers say

Our clientele includes both internationally active production companies and service providers from various industries. Learn more about their satisfaction with our work.
  • Top agency, super cooperation!
    Tim Schmidt
    Head of Social Media at dm
  • Partner & Sons has been an important partner for our company for many years!
    Hans Terner
    E-Commerce Manager at sonoro
  • Partner & Sons helps our community of practice build a strong online presence.
    Dr. Gerret Hochholz
    Senior physician at Auromedicum
  • Through Partner & Sons, we were able to multiply the number of leads gained.
    Jörg Frenzel
    Managing Director at KüchenUpgrade
  • Thanks to the digital communication strategy we developed together in workshops, we were able to successfully translate our outdoor advertising into the digital world.
    Klaus Gasteiger
    Head at BASF Culture

    Our services at a glance

    We have a high standard to perfectly implement the interests and wishes of our customers and to offer our services in the best possible quality. We develop result-oriented concepts in close cooperation with our customers and formulate concrete goals in order to create a common horizon of expectations.


    Our team of experienced experts is at your side with customized digital marketing strategies. From the optimization of your web presence to the effective use of social media and search engine advertising - we offer you a holistic concept that precisely reaches your target group and sustainably increases your online visibility.


    A high user:inside friendliness is of great importance for your successful digital presence. Adapted to different end devices, it is necessary to create the right information architecture as well as an appealing, timeless design for your website in order to simultaneously gain advantages in search engine indexing in addition to improved performance.


    Our search services aim to sustainably increase your reach and visibility in search engines. Through keyword analysis and strategic content optimization, we ensure the best possible indexing of your website organically (SEO). In addition, we increase your visibility by developing and continuously adapting search engine advertising (SEA).


    Targeted and data-based ads help to reach your target group directly along the marketing funnel. Together, we evaluate relevant KPIs for your project and, based on these, develop meaningful ads on suitable platforms. By monitoring and optimizing active campaigns, we constantly improve performance to achieve the best possible results for you.


    With a social media strategy based on relevant KPIs, we can increase your visibility and create opportunities for interaction with potential customers. In coordination with you, we design high-quality content for suitable platforms, strengthen brand communication through our community management and thus help you to achieve a successful presence in social media.


    In an ever-changing digital landscape, it is crucial to take the right steps to position your company for success. Our digital marketing experts are on hand to provide you with comprehensive advice.

    How we support you

    In order to be able to respond to all suggestions and wishes, we attach great importance to regular contact with our customers as well as transparent work and data-based decisions within the framework of a cooperation.

    Annual project planning

    Thoughtful project planning is the key to an efficient, goal-oriented approach. That's why we develop a clear roadmap for the entire year at the beginning of the collaboration to create realistic timelines and a long-term strategy for achieving your goals.

    Transparent To-Do Lists

    In order to approach our projects as time-efficiently as possible, we create a detailed list of all to-dos at the beginning of each collaboration, which are then prioritized and distributed among all team members involved. This not only provides us with a clear working basis, but also gives you the opportunity to transparently follow all progress of the project, if required.

    Dashboard with real-time data

    To make data-driven decisions, we capture and track key metrics on our dashboards in real time. This allows us to continuously analyze how our measures are working and closely monitor project progress. Real-time data allows us to react to changes and trends, make informed decisions, and also present you with visible metrics.

    Regular meetings

    We place great importance on keeping you constantly informed during the collaboration. For this reason, we schedule regular meetings to not only provide you with ongoing updates on the project status, but also to create an opportunity to discuss suggestions and questions directly.

    We achieve these goals for you

    In digital marketing, it is crucial to have clearly defined goals against which an individual strategy can be aligned. Together with you, we define suitable goals, develop a strategy and then successfully implement it for you.

    Sales increase

    Increase your sales
    In order to meet the goal of increasing sales, our focus is first on revising your website and e-commerce system to ensure the best possible user:inside experience. By adjusting the content and optimizing the buying process, we not only increase the findability of your website in search engines, but also enable a higher conversion rate in the store.

    More requests

    Reach your potential customers
    With the desire to generate as many relevant leads as possible, our measures aim to identify potential customers and reach them through suitable channels. We constantly optimize existing campaigns to increase the chance of a conversion.


    Increase your brand awareness
    As part of a collaboration, increasing your brand awareness is a possible goal in addition to lead and revenue generation. We develop targeted strategies to successfully position your brand in the digital world and build a strong bond with the target group. An appealing online presence makes a significant contribution to your branding in this regard.

    About us

    Partner & Söhne is a digital agency with offices in Mannheim, Cologne and Hamburg. Our team has expertise in all relevant areas of online marketing such as the conceptual development of marketing strategies, the creation of user-friendly, performative websites, search engine optimization as well as advertising and the creation and implementation of social media measures. With us, you remain competitive in the dynamic digital world, because our measures unfold their effect measurably, in the short and long term and sustainably.