April 26, 2024

Successful implementation of effective Google Consent Mode compliance strategies for our clients

In response to the introduction of the mandatory Google Consent Mode, we have comprehensively switched the cookie management of our customers' websites to Cookiebot. Cookiebot, as a certified partner of Google, supports compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on your website. This transition is crucial to meet legal requirements while maintaining the effectiveness of data-driven marketing strategies. Through our partnership with Cookiebot, we ensure that our clients' online presences are both legally secure and that we can continue to pursue your marketing goals without privacy concerns.

If you have any questions about the new Google Consent Mode, please contact us at any time!

Our customer KüchenUpgrade continues to grow with its partner network

In the first quarter of 2024, we continued to support our customer KüchenUpgrade in the expansion of its partner network. KüchenUpgrade specializes in the production and installation of custom-made premium kitchen worktops for end consumers. We manage the entire marketing funnel for them and thus generate a high, monthly increasing number of inquiries (leads).

Since the beginning of the expansion efforts in fall 2023, we have supported the process of gaining additional manufacturers as partners with advice and the creation of a targeted presentation. 

The onboarding of the first new partners, including the regionally adapted advertising campaigns that we are developing and continuously optimizing, has been underway since the beginning of the year. By adapting the entire marketing funnel and the economies of scale that result from the growing partner network, a continuously decreasing cost-per-lead (CPL) is developing, which increases the company's profitability.

With our contribution, KüchenUpgrade continues to be successfully positioned in the market and remains on course for growth.

Our client Auromedicum successfully launches new joint practice in Frankfurt

At the beginning of this year, our client Auromedicum moved into its new premises at Schillerstraße 27 in Frankfurt am Main. The newly founded Auromedicum joint practice is made up of various private orthopaedic practices and a center for regenerative medicine. 

We successfully implemented the launch of the website last year. This gave us sufficient time in advance to start with SEO measures and thus build up relevant visibility on Google from the outset. We developed and implemented a comprehensive content strategy for this purpose. In addition to content creation, we are continuously working on the development and optimization of specific, conversion-optimized landing pages. We also set up a strong and high-performance Google Ads campaign structure from the start of the market launch. 

With our strategic approach, we continuously support the Auromedicum in successfully establishing itself in the market and winning over new patients on an ongoing basis.

Orthozentrum SEO Visibility Peak / Relaunch

For many years, we have been looking after the Orthozentrum Bergstraße, for which we not only developed the website, but also continuously take care of SEO, SEA and the creation of specific landing pages in the field of conservative orthopaedics. 

In the first quarter of 2024, we achieved a new high of 2.978 in the Sistrix visibility curve with Orthozentrum Bergstraße. The fact that we are continuously improving our visibility in the sensitive area of YMYL ("Your Money Your Life") despite crucial Google Core updates confirms our strategic and sustainable approach.

We are currently working on the relaunch of our website, which we will complete on schedule in the coming quarter, in order to ensure that we remain optimally positioned both technically and structurally in the future. The good results in terms of visibility - and therefore ultimately also in terms of attracting new patients - show how important an adaptive and proactive online strategy is for economic success.

Outlook for quarter 2 2024

Partner & Söhne has a lot on the agenda again in the coming quarter. We are looking forward to launches and relaunches of various projects, among other things. These include both newly acquired customers and companies with whom we can look back on a long history of collaboration.

We can also look forward to positive developments internally: our team is growing steadily thanks to new additions and working students we have taken on. In addition, two trainees from a large pharmaceutical company will be spending some time in our agency as a field office over the course of the year.

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