Bergstrasse Orthocentre

The Orthozentrum Bergstraße is an orthopaedic competence centre in Heppenheim an der Bergstraße with a national reputation. With a comprehensive service portfolio and state-of-the-art diagnostics, the four specialists offer conservative therapy concepts for a pain-free everyday life. The practice has a movement laboratory incl. treadmill analysis, spinal measurement and pedography as well as an open magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Our services for Orthozentrum Bergstraße

Together with the orthopaedic centre of excellence "Orthozentrum Bergstraße", we have been able to demonstrate how a well thought-out content strategy can have a positive effect on the reach and brand perception. With the help of sustainably created, high-quality content pages, a pure practice website has been transformed into a comprehensive information portal since 2017, which achieved far-reaching radiant effects for the brand as a centre as well as for the doctors as specialists through good rankings in the search engines. Thanks to these measures, the number of appointment requests increased many times over - and with it a positive development in the quality of the requests.

SEO - Content Strategy

Together with a network of external copywriters from a medically qualified environment, the practice website is continuously filled with new content and existing texts are adapted to the latest requirements from the SEO area. In addition to editorial support, we focus on performance optimization of the system to guarantee the best possible user experience. The long-term search engine optimization is additionally supported by short-term targeted Google Ads, so that we plan and use the creation of content landing pages in the long term. In addition to the practice website, other independent pages on niche topics (golf, running analysis and PRP therapy) were published.

Web design & web development

SEO & Content Development

Holistic support and advice on digital marketing

Successes & KPIs

Thanks to the tracking system we set up, the successes could be tracked in real time at any time. For example, we were able to increase website visitors by over 1200 percent through organic search results alone. Patient inquiries via the website quadrupled. The radius of patients traveling to the site has increased from 40 kilometers to over 400 kilometers, which speaks for the reach of the measures and for the brand awareness of Orthozentrum Bergstrasse.