Top search engine rankings for relevant keywords are the answer to increasing your own reach and visibility, which creates more potential customers and increases in turnover. We are happy to support you with a long-term strategy in the areas of search engine optimisation and search engine advertising.

Our search services

To help you attract more visitors to your company via search engines, we develop a sustainable strategy with an individual focus based on your goals. In addition to strategic consulting, we also offer you operational support - both via organic visibility (SEO) and ad placement (SEA).
Our Google Partner status is a testament to our commitment to our clients and the quality of our services. By guaranteeing a proven high standard in Google Ads, we can take your business to the next level.
In the area of SEO, we rely on Sistrix, one of the market-leading tools for analysis, reporting & optimization. As an agency partner, we can successfully support your company.

Keyword analysis

Targeted keyword analysis allows us to find out which terms your target group uses the most, which gives insight to which keywords offer the most potential for increasing your online presence. Professionally conducted keyword analysis benefits both your organic visibility and your paid ad placements.

Keyword research for content optimisation and creation

Adaptation to individual goals

Competitive analysis

SEO via technology

We take a close look at your website and optimise it so that search engines can access it without any problems. This allows us to create the technical groundwork for search engine crawlers to index your website in the most beneficial way for your business.

Elaboration of prioritised recommendations for action

Extensive SEO audits

Technical implementation

SEO via content

We optimise your existing content and develop sustainable content strategies for improved search engine placement.

Strategic development on the basis of keyword analyses

Sustainable presence through continuous expansion

Relevance through identification of frequently searched topics

SEA Management

We not only support you in the short term with the development and set-up of your campaigns, but also accompany you in the long term with SEA measures. Through ongoing optimisation and A/B testing, we can continuously refine campaigns to achieve the best possible results.

Cross-platform playout of advertisements

A/B tests and ongoing optimisation

Ads Reportings


Our clients include internationally active production companies as well as service providers from various industries. Here you will find a selection of our projects in the areas of strategy, websites, search, social & ads.

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